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wParallax single-plane rooms are an optical illusion!

Hey everyone,

Finally, these are ready to ship! While the full-on authoring package is not yet finished (mostly documentation and video files need completing), the great wParallax versions are available on sale now with $10 off for the next two weeks.

Each KPACK comes with 30 INSERTS so it's a pretty decent value at the normal price. You should grab a version (or two, or three!) while they're at this lower price. From the marketing materials (which they make me send-- wait...who is "they"?)

Using KIT OPS (free or PRO), you can now easily add virtual 3D interiors to your Archviz 3D exterior scenes in Blender. It works both in EEVEE and Cycles and is also customizable as well. You can duplicate, scale and place these single plane optical illusions directly on your buildings to create the effect of adding interior rooms to your scene. Check out this video to learn more and see how they work:

Find all three wParallax KPACKS on
Blender Market:


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