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Something you'll want to know about *THE SALE*

Hey guys, I hope you're having a wonderful Easter (if you celebrate it, that is). If you haven't heard,

There's a wonderful sale going on at Blender Market. 25% off all of our products as well as many others. The sale will be over in a day. So don't procrastinate! 

A couple that you may be interested in:

Prospective Plotter by our own Mark Kingsnorth

If you ever downloaded my fSpy tutorial, then you know pretty much what it does. Fspy is a third-party program that allows you to take a photograph and figure out the camera angles and then apply it in blender. Mark has done a wonderful job of actually doing this automatically for you directly in Blender and currently it's only 11 bucks or so. Definitely worth grabbing a copy! Learn more about it here.

And we're just getting ready to release QUICK SHOT 2 which is a significant upgrade from the original. It's been in beta now for about three months and the results are pretty darn sweet. For those of you that don't know, QUICK SHOT is a way to create multiple camera animations very quickly. You can set up a scene in just a few mouse clicks. We've now added a complete driver interface so that you can actually animate objects within the scene with drivers. Not to mention, all those objects will also save to KIT OPS.

When we release it, the price will go up. So it's a good idea to get it at 25% discount now. Again, about 11 bucks.

And, our latest product SCIFI PRO+FLEX has gotten tremendous reviews from all those who have purchased it. If you haven't heard, it allows you to create sci-fi cities like the one below with only a few mouse clicks. Not to mention it renders surprisingly fast as well because it uses geometry notes. And, there are also other features like the ability to generate 32-bit displacement maps and other cool stuff. It's now just under $14.

There are also at current count about 15 third-party SCIFI PRO DPACKS which allow you to add even more variety to your cities.

And, if you're on Gumroad, then use the coupon "25off" (no quotes) for the same discount.

See you online at our Discord!



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