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SIMPLE SCIFI PRO and FREE Displacement and Geometry Generator - updated!

Hey folks, Sorry about the super fast next update. Turns out there was an obscure bug in one of our files which caused some users to have sporadic crashes. It's now fixed thanks to our devs and some helpful users.

Also, we've updated a couple of the PRO DPACKS, including X-Panel and Exxodus with some more and exciting new objects. And, we thought we'd share the latest SIMPLE SCIFI catalog with you-- just in case you haven't seen it:

Make sure you view the READ ME text file, as it contains links to updated KPACKS, maps and other interesting stuff.

OK, off to play around with it and create some more renders!

New QSHOT2 Addon for Blender!

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Brand new update to SIMPLE SCIFI

Cool new instant SCI FI scene generator...FREE and PRO versions

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