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New K-CyclesX just dropped, and it has a new KILLER feature!

Hey guys, I have to tell you, I'm stoked about the new K-CyclesX Blender 3.0 Alpha version that just dropped-- and along with it a 25% discount (the first discount ever for K-Cycles I'm aware of)!

Not only is it ridiculously fast, (literally 500% faster!) with superior features and quality, but it now can do something I've wanted.. no NEEDED, for awhile. You see, for some time I haven't been able to use volumetrics in Cycles-- like I love to do with EEVEE. It's because the Cycles Denoiser screws it up so bad that it's virtually unusable (same with fine material textures).

But now, the developer of K-Cycles, Eric Klein, has a new built-in Ultra-Denoiser feature, which now makes it possible to render all sorts of volumetric effects! It's amazing and certainly worth checking out. And, if you're like me, and like rendering in Cycles, now's the time to get yourself a copy. Eric's continually adding new features and he also has super support. Here's a link to learn more.

And you can check out the video at:

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