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KIT OPS PARALLAX launches. Create amazing rooms using only 1 texture and 1 plane!

Hey folks, Chipp here with some news for a very interesting addon.

KIT OPS PARALLAX is a systemized addon for creating virtual rooms using only one plane which are able to be viewed from different angles in real-time as if in real 3D. It works with Blender 2.92+. It is recommended to also use KIT OPS 2 PRO to save the material and plane efficiently so that it may be easily deployed on any object later using the KIT OPS asset management system.

The product comes with over 60 Loft themed assets in a KPACK which you can use to immediately start building your parallax 3D room object. Here are just a few of the assets:

And for the next couple of weeks, we're having a sale for both PARALLAX and KIT OPS 2 PRO:

2 WEEKS INTRO SALE: Get KIT OPS PARALLAX and KIT OPS 2 PRO each for $10 off (a $20 savings!) during this introductory sale. Use coupon code: kop

Check out the video to learn more:

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