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Free Blender addon to create lightning fast AO wireframes

Hey everyone, Chipp Walters here and I'd like to share with you our latest addon.

Many of you know our SKETCH STYLE addon which can create SketchUp-like renders using a number of presets, custom linetypes, overrides and using Blender's own Freestyle tools.

The big problem with that addon, is that it's super difficult to create wireframe renders-- where you want to see all the polygons outlined. Of course you can do it, but it requires multiple steps.

So recently, when working on new sci fi concept designs for a big named client, I wanted to show them full wireframes-- but with the same ambient occlusion look-- so I created CHALK STYLE. It doesn't use EEVEE, CYCLES or even Freestyle but instead uses only OpenGL-- so it's LIGHTNING FAST! Literally renders is as few as a couple of seconds.

It also works as a great compliment to SKETCH STYLE as well as shown in this GIF.

To learn more about how it works, check out this youtube video.

Grab your free copy at:

See you online!

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