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Cool new instant SCI FI scene generator...FREE and PRO versions

Hey everyone, Chipp here, and this time I teamed up with GREEZYBEAR, that weapons grade rendering and sci fi talent, and we've got something special to share! Our journey started out wanting to build the ultimate displacement generator, and along the way we discovered something incredible. Using Geo Nodes, we can build ridiculously fast hyper complex models, and with some shader magic create some way cool sci fi scenes. And you don't have to have a super computer to do all of this! Check out the video to learn more!


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This is so sick thanks for making this !!!

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very well done. this will help me shave off weeks of work for backgrounds that only get seconds of airtime

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Fast is a relative term... This might still crash your Blender

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Thank you so much Chipp. :)

New QSHOT2 Addon for Blender!

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