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Brand new update to SIMPLE SCIFI

Hey guys, just want to announce it today were releasing a brand new update to SIMPLE SCIFI PRO We've added six new DPACKS with over 12 collections and a brand-new panels generator which can create some pretty cool panel assemblies. And, were also adding in a really cool dirt shader where you can now add it to your scene and create realistic dirt and grime to your models.

If you haven't yet purchased Pro, you should consider because our next update will raise the price as we will be adding an add-on to the product to make it even easier to use and more powerful.

And, if your still using simple SIMPLE SCIFI FREE, there's a new update for you as well. It has some new randomization features that you might be interested in.

Here's a video showing some of the new features:

See you online!



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SJ Resto

Hi Chip I purchased the pro version like 2 days after it came out. I'm having a blast playing with it, but I have a question. Is there a place where I can just view the Dpacks by themselves? May be a newbie question so I apologize in advance. Thanks

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Gregory Brown-Dreamer

Can't find a link to download the updated version of Simple- Sci Fi. I have the older version that crashes...very interested in seeing the latest and greatest. Thanks for all you do!!

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