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Black Friday Cyber Specials and a MEGA announcement about KIT OPS

Hey everyone,

Lots to talk about. First off, check out this video on our just announced KIT OPS FREE and PRO updates:

The short of it is, we've made some major upgrades to FREE including the ability to now create and save your own INSERTS!

With our new one-click INSERT creation, you can now right-click an object and create an INSERT with a single click, both in PRO and in FREE! It automatically renders a color thumbnail and saves it in the current KPACK. You can ALSO save and load materials as well-- and we now can add materials to slots; a much requested feature. And it all works with KIT OPS FREE as well as PRO. Please see the video for more.


This is pretty significant for a number of reasons which we go over in the video. But one I would like to specifically point out is how we are careful to manage your materials so you don't end up adding multiple same materials with multiple same texture maps.

Did you know when you add the same material more than once to multiple objects using Blender 3.0 asset manager, you also add a new material and replicate all the same texture maps? So, if you have a scratch metal material with a couple 4K texture maps, and applied it to 30 objects in your scene using Asset Manager, you would now have 30 new materials, each with two 4K maps. And at 375MB / image you'll quickly run out of GPU memory to render your scene.

KIT OPS automatically checks when adding a scene material and if one exists with the current name, it will go ahead and use it instead of adding a brand new one.


Black Friday comes around once a year and we'll be having a 25% discount for Black Friday on both Gumroad and Blender Market. Here are the specifics:

Start: Friday, November 26th at 12:00am CST
End: Monday, November 29th at 11:59pm CST
no coupon required

Start: Now
End: Tuesday, November 30th at 11:59pm CST
use coupon: blackfriday

Some other specials which you may want to also take advantage of at Blender Market:

Now available and it *screams.* I've been using it for a recent client project and am rendering 4K vehicle beauty shots in under a minute!

Random Flow
A top of the line greeble generator that has some magnificent bespoke results if you take your time. I have some help materials at

Plating Generator
Another top shelf greeble generator which has a one-button mode. No need to be patient and the results are very impressive! If you're in a hurry and don't necessarily need the same bespoke results. I have and use both of these great tools and will be doing a review of them very soon.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


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