QSHOT2 Blender Addon

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(formerly QUICK SHOT) for Blender 2.82+



New Update!

Now with DRIVERS and CAMERA SHAKE! Check out this video to learn more about the new version!

Setup multi-camera animations FAST

QUICK SHOT is a new Blender addon that will change how you think about presenting your finished projects. Check out this video to learn more about it.

As many of you know, Blender can now do photorealistic rendering RIGHT in the viewpoint, pretty much in realtime. It’s actually, stunning technology!

And in the same 5 minutes it used to take you to create a single render, you can now create full HD quality animations.


QUICK SHOT is an addon for Blender 2.8+ which allows users to quickly create camera animations for advertising, visualization or just for fun. It’s goal is to streamline the creation of multiple camera animations and provide a non-destructive model for editing the timeline.

It is a very simple addon which is easily understood and used by novice and experienced users alike.

So, the premise is that you can create several "from Point A to Point B" camera animations. These are called "SHOTS." Each shot has a duration in frames, and a defined motion interpolation (linear or ease in/out).

You can stack them on top of each other to create a timeline animation so that when you "Render Animation" they will all render as a single animation. At any time you can change the duration, motion interpolation or even the order of the shots.

Once you are satisfied with your animation, you can render it all at once, and because QUICK SHOT animates cameras, you can use it with EEVEE motion blur.


Who is QUICK SHOT for? It’s for anyone who wants to streamline their animation workflow and do it quickly. It’s especially for EEVEE users who want very quick visualizations of their models. Of course Cycles users can use it too.


The interface for QUICK SHOT centers around these few key features:

Must use Multiple cameras– each camera comprising a single shot.

The ability to easily set each Camera's in and out keyframes– without having to explicitly select the camera, press the i keyboard command, and select the type of keyframe you are trying to set.

Allow for both spline based and linear interpolation– which just means you can have the camera motion ease in and ease out or travel at a fixed rate.

Easily change the shot duration at any time with all of the cameras and timelines being updated. and;

Easily change the shot order at any time also with the timeline being instantly updated.


First off the docs can be found at http://cw1.me/qshot2

For Discord please see: http://cw1.me/discord

For email support see: http://cw1.me/getsupport

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QSHOT2 Blender Addon

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