KIT OPS 2 FREE kitbashing addon for Blender

1507 ratings

New Update: Sherlock Edition

New version includes new search feature and 4.0 compatibility

New Update: Ryan Edition

New version includes new snapping modes.

New Update: Cedar Creek Edition

Update KIT OPS FREE to work with Blender 3.5. Also fixes some small bugs and adds check version feature.

New Update: KINGSMAN Edition

Lots of new updates and bug fixes

New Update: Hardpoints Edition

Lots of new features for PRO users. Bug and compatibility fixes for FREE users. See video below for more info.

New Update: Chuck Norris

New One-button create INSERT mode and major support for saving and adding materials including slot support and optimized textures! Check out the video!


NOTICE: Please download the latest version of KIT OPS 2 FREE if you plan on using it with SYNTH. Also, please note the free materials: KO-FreeMats are now included in FREE.

NEW VERSION 2 has just been updated to make workflows even easier. 

With the new cleaner interface, you can now more easily than ever create kitbashed products using KPACKS of INSERTS. Check out the videos below:

Videos on installing and using KIT OPS:

KIT OPS, with over 25,000 downloads, is the preeminent kitbashing addon for Blender. It allows you to quickly create and kitbash your hard surface models– And with PRO, it also fulfills many of your asset management needs including the ability to quickly store and apply materials.

KIT OPS 2 FREE is a Blender addon and works with Blender 2.83+. It uses the systemized application of Blender files called KIT OPS INSERTS, to instantly cut and add to existing objects or create standalone objects with the goal of rapidly creating and exploring new designs.

When used properly, KIT OPS can create objects and scenes with extreme efficiency and speed. Doors and windows can be inserted and cut through walls. Complex industrial designs can be generated in a single sitting. KIT OPS uses the power of the Blender Modifiers to accomplish all of this.

And when you upgrade to KIT OPS PRO you have the ability to save materials, with thumbnails. A single button takes you into the material save mode, and you can automatically render a thumbnail and be back in your scene in only a few seconds.

Plus, now we include a new KPACK set of INSERTS to create this military communications device. The KPACK comes included with the full device, so you can take it apart if you like– and of course you get all the INSERTS to create it! Let’s take a quick look at the new streamlined KIT OPS 2 PRO and how it works.

Purchase KIT OPS 2 PRO now and receive both versions of the addon PLUS the Mega 300 INSERT Tech KPACKS. This is the KPACK that started it all! Just check out all the many incredible INSERTS at: most created by masterxeon1001 himself!

Documentation on how to use KIT OPS is at:

Learn more about KIT OPS FREE vs PRO at
License terms are at:

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KIT OPS 2 FREE kitbashing addon for Blender

1507 ratings
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