fSpy Camera Matching Tutorial for Blender

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fSpy Camera Matching Tutorial for Blender

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Hey what's up guys!

Perfect photo to 3d camera matching for Blender is now as easy as 1,2,3!


Here's a great free course on how to use the cross platform freeware application fSpy from Per Gantelius to help you create an exact camera setting from an existing photograph. This process is called camera matching, and this application will provide the settings which can then be transferred to any 3D application. 

And, IF you have Blender, you can use the free fSpy addon to import directly the settings, including the picture as well!

I've broken the tutorial up into a few different parts. 

Video 1 introduces fSpy, how to download and install, and talks about the different types of perspectives you're likely to encounter while providing a basic understanding of each of them.

Video 2 shows you how to use fSpy with a one-point perspective photo, and then how to import those settings directly into Blender 2.79.

And Video 3 shows how to use fSpy with a three-point perspective photo and import into Blender using correct dimensions.

Why would you use fSpy?

There are quite a number of reasons you might want to use a camera matching program. 

1. You want to try and work on your lighting chops to make sure you get your lighting as close as real as possible.

2. You want to figure out the sizes and scales of objects in a photo.

3. You want to change a room or building design and need the photo to match the scale, size and positioning.

4. You want to photo bash your 3D object into an existing scene.


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