CHALK STYLE Wireframe Blender Addon

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NOTE: For Blender 2.9+ You need to ENABLE Ambient Occlusion in the EEVEE Render settings for this to work. Also, this will not work if you have Transparent checked in the Film render settings.. Neither of these are necessary in CHALK STYLE PRO.

Also, check out CHALK STYLE PRO with one-button render and realtime post rendering shading effects!

CHALK STYLE Render is a Blender 2.82+ addon which provides a workflow to quickly create Ambient Occlusion (AO) “chalk” and “sketch” type renderings. (Note: CHALK STYLE does not work on versions < 2.82)

The workflow is straightforward.

  • Position your camera
  • Press the Render CHALK STYLE button
  • Then composite the resulting 3 black and white rendered images in the CHALK_STYLE.blend compositor and save.

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get a free Blender 2.82+ addon to create wireframe ambient occlusion renders.

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CHALK STYLE Wireframe Blender Addon

192 ratings